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IT and Computing
Automate and implement your business processes - database, multimedia, Internet and Web technologies within your organization

Need server operating system support or LAN/WAN?

Get connected and try the electronic funds transfer and administration services

the vision

Increase your organization's awareness of what is available through new and improved computer technology to help you attain your goals.

Only offer your ministry products and services that will meet your organization's objectives and that are performance enhancers for your group.

Provide IT consulting, computer automation, and financial service at an affordable cost that is a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Continually offer support services to assist your staff with daily functions.

Always insure the products offered will create a "User Friendly" environment to ensure your office staff's satisfaction.

"Thanks Rich, I really appreciate all you work that you are doing ... Thanks for catching the vision."

Lisa Quiroz, Metro Ministries International, Brooklyn, NY



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